Where my mind was one year ago!

So I’m sitting here typing up my next blog entry which as you may guess, is about my fitness and Beachbody.  For a reason I don’t know I decided to look back at my old Blog from when I first started exercising. This was my Pre-Beachbody days when I was doing it on my own. This post right here really made me smile!

“So i just finished my workout! Twice last week and hopefully three times this week. Wed and then Friday. I really want to get my ass back into shape! Problem is I am completely addicted to candy and Dr Pepper! took the first step today and drank a diet Dr pepper. I like it okay. Its just not the same! And of course as I’m thinking about working out I’m popping star burst in my mouth. Not just one but the whole package! Ugh! Then I pick up the boys at their Gma Bettys and I eat not just one but two pieces of her Pineapple upside down cake. Its a weakness of mine. Its crazy that I would pick the holidays to get fit! We just spend most of the summer on Lake Barkley and this summer I’d like my husband to really love the way I look! Not that he’s ever complained before. He would tell me if i was 400 lbs and dressed in a potato sack I was sexy. He just loves me. I want to give him something to look at!

So as my son and step daughter are training to get into a boxing ring to knock someone out, I’m training to get fit and loose oh say, 20 lbs. (I’d def settle for 15 lbs).

So details, two years ago I lost 30 lbs in 4 months by cutting my calories to 1000 a day, eating right, walking daily, and doing dance cardio and Pilate’s. This time I don’t have near the discipline to cut the calories. I’m going to cut it down in portions and try to eat smaller meals and even eat healthier because hey, I love healthy food! (I also love candy and pop) but I’m going to try to step up the work outs. I want tone muscles! I want abs that aren’t covered in a large inter tube of FAT! As soon as the weather breaks to a bit warmer I’m going to start walking on my lunch again. May even take to doing my workout Pilate’s videos on my lunch in the office again. I’m using boxing work outs to burn calories and let me tell you it does the job! I’m going to devote at least an hour three nights a week and an hour of my weekend to working out! I’m going to go for muscle confusing and mix up my workouts. I’m going to do my thing! Wish me luck! :)”


What really blew me away was when I read this post from this past October.  I love seeing where I’ve been. It really helps me look forward!

Next month will be one year since I started on my journey to a healthier and skinnier me. My expectations have been blown out of the water. I never imagined I would feel as good about myself as I do now.

Let me give you some background. I was skinny my whole childhood. I was one of the lucky ones who didnt watch what they ate. Although I always preferred veggies over sweets, calorie counting and exercising never crossed my mind.  I was active. I played basketball and marched in the marching band. Anyone who has been in the marching band knows its alot of walking and long days on hot asphalt parking lots practicing. Anyway, long story short, at my high school graduation I was 105 lbs and wore a size 4/5. That  was the norm for me. Then my whole life changed.

 Right out of high school I got pregant with my oldest son. Don’t regret that for a minute. I love being young while my kids are growing up.  But with the pregnancy came complications and bed rest for quite some time. I was sick constantly and held nothing down. All of a sudden i was no longer active, sometimes no longer movign much. And by the time I had my son, I weighed 130 lbs. Not bad right. I can handle this. Put on 25 lbs during pregnancy. But guess what, it never went away. Then it built from there. By the time I decided it as time to do something I was 160 lbs. (Thats after another child and 12 years).

About 4 years ago went on a 1000 calorie diet and walked all the time. I was able to drop 30 of those lbs. That took me to 130lbs. But then in the next 3 years I put 15 of those lbs back on. Last Year around the end of November while everyone was talking about pigging out over the holdiays and then starting fresh for the new year I decided I wasn’t waiting. So the last week of November, the week of Thanksgiving, I started my journey. And I didnt do it alone. I took my whole family, husband and kids along for the ride. I believe they would all thank me today if they thought about it. But I know they are thankful they all look good! 🙂

I’ve told my story how it started, riding a stationary bike, jumping jacks, boxing, push ups, sit ups, walking. Then it evolved to fit club in march and their workouts and P90X. i’m not here to tell you how I got to where I am. I’m here to tell you how I feel now.

 Okay,  background complete. Now for today.

I am small than I have ever  been and I did it the healthy way. People do not realize how much time has gone by since I started my journey and they ask me, Wow, Size 14 to a size 2. Thats awesome. How long did that take? And when I say almost a year, they frown. It didn’t seem that long to them and hey, they expect instant results. I know better. I’ve worked my butt literally off in the last year and plan on continuing it to stay in shape!  I love the way I look and feel that is enough to keep me on the right track.

However, I don’t always remember I’m fit now. You may wonder how that is possible. Expecially if you’ve been smaller your whole life. I still have days I wont put on that form fitting shirt because I feel my fat rolls are hanging out. I still go for the baggy pants over the slimming and skinny jeans. I still feel big in those too. Just because my body has made the adjustment doesnt mean my mind has. I have many moments of insecurity about my figure.  Yes my whole childhood i was skinny but my whole adult life, (13 years) I was overweight!

I have not bought any new clothes this last year until recently. I would wear my size 14 pants and tighten a belt around them. most of my shirts are too big. I’ve recently started collecting some new tee shirts and that was my extent of new clothes. A few weeks ago I decided I was tired of wearing pants that were too big. I went to buy me a new pair. I automatically went for the bigger sizes. I tried on a 5/6 first. Too big. Wow, i was happy. then i tried on a 4. Still too big. What?!?!?! I tried on a size 2. They were even a little loose in the waist but that was as low as I could go. The size zero didnt around my hips. 🙂 So I was shocked. I could wear a size 2. Are you kidding! Even in high school I didnt wear a size two. I rode that thrill for a while.

Then Monday night at fit club a friend took my body fat measurements. She then texted me later the results. 15.4% body fat! I was considered lean! My second suprise thrill for the month. Wow! I was actually lean! Even though there are some days I look in the mirror and still see a size 14. I’m not. And eventually I will make myself understand that. But it takes time.

Point of the story, when someone who has recently or maybe even not so recently acts suprised or thrilled or shocked over how little they are, realize that maybe they aren’t seeing what you are seeing. Don’t be so quick to judge them and think oh they just want attention or they are showing off. Because most of the time we are oblivious to how they really look. The mind is a funny thing.

I’ve posted a picture of myself in Jan 2011 (that was after we worked out 3 months) next to myself last month. It really shows how far I’ve come just this year. I wish I still had my picture from when i started in Nov. But I have lost it somehow.

 I hope that my story and my success will motivate everyone who reads this. Its pretty simple. Decide. Committ. Suceed.

It is true what they say though, it starts in the kitchen. Don’t just eat low calories. Eat the calories that are good for your body.


Now you can read my most recent post in this blog and see that my mind has grown so much. As my body gets smaller and healthier, my mind expands more and more and becomes more open.



This was interesting to me. Not heavy reading. Like I said, it’s good to look back every once in a while. Helps you determine your direction for the future!




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