Super Saturday has me Super Excited!

It never fails! Get me in an environment with people who are passionate about what they do and believe in it and I’m hooked! From the very beginning this AMAZING group of  people have keep me on the line. I do love my local Beachbody family also known as Team Swarm Swag. As amazing as they are, the excitement and enthusiasm doesn’t end there with them! I not only have access to an amazing website and discussion board but I’m part of the most informative, supportive, positive group called Team Swarm (Swag is a branch off of swarm). Where do we like to gather? No other than the Swarm Cave! Gotta be a coach to enter!

Now, a little background. What is Beachbody?  Beachbody is a Multi Level Marketing company that specializes in Health and Fitness. It is different from a lot of companies because it doesn’t just sell you a product and close your transaction. With Beachbody you get a Personal Coach. If you already have a coach then great but if you don’t and just see an infomercial and order over the phone or online they assign you one! What does this coach do? Well, they help you determined what path to take on your fitness. Which workouts work best for you and what supplements you need. They keep you motivated and hold you accountable.  You also get an online community at your disposal as well! You get so much support every time you interact with this company it’s crazy not to!

Every product they have is tested and proven before being offered to the public! Their workouts are superior (my opinion) because they are not just thrown together but thought out! Their is a science behind each move, each schedule is thought out and evenly spread out so  you never overwork your muscles. Every workout has a modifier. That means there is no excuse for anyone to not be able to do the workouts.  Every move can be modified.  Can’t jump around, no problem,  Don’t have weights, no problem. Can’t do a push up or pull up, you will when your program is over! I know this from experience! We also have the absolute best nutritional meal replacement shake on the market. It has so many super food in it I could not think about naming them all. But I will tell you,  It is better than any slim fast or protein shake I’ve ever eaten. We have vitamins, pre workout drinks, recovery drinks, protein bars.  Beachbody will have you covered from every angle! Now You can’t buy Beachbody Products at a store. You can only purchase them directly from Beachbody over the phone or online or from an Independent Beachbody Coach, like me!

Now, what does it mean to be a coach? Does it mean I am a fitness expert? No. Am I an expert on nutrition? Hardly!  It means I want to help you, help yourself! I want to motivate you, help you chose a workout program. I want to dedicate myself to helping be a part of end the trend! Yes, the trend of Obesity! I’m not going to lie. I want you to use Beachbodys products.  Not just because I sell them but because I believe in them. I am a product of a product! I use Beachbody Products! I use P90X, P90x2, Brazil Butt Lift, Rockin Body, Hip Hop Abs, Shakeology, P90X Protein bars, and I’m about to start with the P90X recovery drink and now probably the pre-workout drink! If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t use it myself!

Being a Coach I look to better myself so I can better help others. Beachbody encourages Personal Development and positive changes in your life! They give you many resources to use.  Our goal, and we are definitely not limited to this,  is to read 10 pages of a personal development book a day or listen to audio.  When you look to better yourself you tend to soul search and that usually leads to a better life. You surround yourself with positive people and try to encourage others to do the same. That is what Beachbody has done for me.

Now this is a fraction of the background I could give but I want to move on to how I felt today.  Evansvilles first Super Saturday event!

My favorite part of Super Saturday was hearing all of my fellow coaches get up and tell their story. Why they became coaches, how they heard about Beachbody, and the great results they have seen!  Yes, it is true, I have heard all the stories before at the fit clubs and shake and shares but some of them are so touching that  I could hear them over and over again and never be tired of it. And when you are standing on stage and you look at the projector and see a picture of who you were before your journey and compare it to who you are now, there is no better feeling like it. And I looked into the crowd of people and knew that without them I may have not gotten here.  Yes, I know, I did the hard work. It was my sweat and tears that got me where I am. But it was them that pushed me every day. Called me and asked me if I had completed it yet. Listened to me when I felt like I could do no more. Pointed out my achievements when I felt no progress was being made.  They were not just workout buddies or people I met and forgot. They became my closest friends and in a way, family. One by one we all voluntarily got up and told our story. I have no doubt in my mind that we will do it again and even though the beginning will stay the same, the ending will always look brighter!

Now, we went over lots of Beachbody business as well. Had an overview on Rank advancements and different programs you could get into by rank advancing. This company sure knows how to treat their top performers. I mean, trips to Bora Bora and Disney World. No wonder people work their tails off for this company. Not only is it helping the world but earning you great things as well! We learned about a couple new products that are being released in the next few months. We also went over the 5 steps to the Challenge groups and talked about how the process really does work if you just follow it.

Now I’m guilty of not starting a challenge group. I did try the first month to get a few entries but after being turned down I quit. I had excuses. Worked two jobs,  family issues, sickness. And they are good excuses but not in this case. I will make it a point to start a challenge group that will start no later than Feb 1st so friends beware, I will be getting ahold of you!

Now, I’ve explained a little about Beachbody and what I do as a coach. I’ve talked a little about how being a coach for Beachbody makes me feel and how it’s effected my life.  If you are even just a little interested in this, get with me.  Comment on this blog, call me, text me, fb me, email me. I am available to you!  My journey is far from over, so join me. We can do this together.


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