The moments that made the year!

As 2011 comes to an end, I want to take a minute to reflect on the moments that made my year!  This is the good stuff. The stuff I want to remember. I’m leaving the bad stuff out of this post. These are not in order of greatness but in order of when they happened. I had a really great year and there will not be enough time or page for me to account for every great moment, but I’ll do my best to hit the highlights!  Man, where to begin? How about Jan 1, 2011.

As we have for the last few New Years holiday, the family spent the weekend down where we love it best. The family Lake house in Cadiz KY.  This house was built by my Grandpa and his father and we spend every weekend we  can get away there. We try to bring in the New year there every year! This last year I do remember we were all very sleepy and some of us may not have even made it to midnight.  But it isn’t that one night that I remember when I think of New Years. It’s the whole weekend surrounded by my family. I remember games with the kids and four wheelers covered in mud! Being silly with my sister and the kids.  I remember laying around and watching movies and drinking hot chocolate when we got too cold!  I’m pretty excited to say, we will be doing it again this weekend. Just another memory for the heart!

The next thing I remember that really sticks out about this year is our boxing. I mean, we really worked out hard this last year but My son Jimmy, he too it to a whole new level. It was great seeing him excel at his form and strength. He turned his body into a lean mean boxing machine! He dedicated himself to working out and hitting that bag. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun, but he did it.

Next I will never forget our weekends at the Lake. There isn’t just one. There are many. We did everything we could. We rode four wheelers, we shot guns, we went boating and swimming at the beach, we had bond fires and we played poker. The kids would make up and put on a play for us. They would run and play the way kids should. They played in the woods and fished at the lake. Every weekend held such awesome memories. I am hoping that when my kids get older, they will remember the great times we had as a family and carry on the tradition with their own kids.  Here are some pictures.

Also, this year Bob actually cut his hair and kept it short! Everyone tells him it makes him look 10 years younger. I have to agree! I like the fact that he is keeping it short. Unfortunately I hate the act of cutting his hair so when it gets a bit long it’s usually my fault. Any way, you wonder why a hair cut is a moment I’ll remember? Check out the pics!

I met a great group of people this year! They touched my life in a way many haven’t. They motivated me to stay healthy and active and were supportive and motivating when others were not. My Beachbody family definitely has made an impact on my life the last year.  We met every Monday night and most Wednesday Nights. We got together for special walks like the Race for the Cure and even had our own cookout! They helped me find a part of myself I didn’t know I was missing. Thanks, this is the year I’ll remember that life changing step I took by coming to MNF and Joining Beachbody!

Along with meeting these people and joining their organization, they encouraged me to start a program. I Started and Completed P90X Twice this year! I went from a size 14 pants to a size 2 and a size XL shirt to a size S. P90X has also changed my life! Here is a visual!

This July was my Nanny and Papa’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. We also had a Biggs Family Reunion that same weekend! It was 4-5 days of nothing but family, parties, and fun! When I look back on this year, I WILL remember this weekend right here! There was Great food, Corn Hole, lots of family and laughing, Dancing, toast, and great memories!

This year we started doing something we had not done previously. I suppose Bob had years ago but I have never done this type of thing and I loved it! Drag Racing at Chandler Motor Speedway. We started late in the year and ended up Breaking our car on the track but we had buddies with cars we went and would watch race as well as raced Bobs and my brothers car. Bob’s Demon ran a 8.42 on the quarter track before it broke and he had Keke’s car to a 7.72.  It was many of Hot days and cold nights but I can’t wait to do it again next year. We also got to watch Eric Paul race his Challenger and Brian Crowe race his Mustang. Even saw Dale Roos Race one night.

Getting together working on the race cars brought us to another of my favorite moment or moments of the year! Friday nights with the gang. It started out as  getting the cars ready for the next day. Now that Racing is over,  we continue to get together to hang out almost every Friday night! Wish I had a picture of everyone but I don’t so I’ll just post a few! If you’ve been to my house on a Friday night, you know!

Every year in October we all pile up in the car and drive to Carmi IL for the Annual Corn Day’s Festival so we can watch Aaron march! It’s the only band event we usually make it too and it’s always fun to see him dressed in his uniform rockin out to some great music!

Also this year Josh decided he wanted to play football . It was his first sport and I will never forget how I felt when I watched him on that field for the first time.  Pride, Happiness, Nervousness. He played his little heart out  the whole season. It was def a learning experience for him and I am sure next year he will be so much better for it. Had some memorable moments at that football field this year!

Josh wasn’t the only one who decided to pick up a sport this year! Bobbie Annie also decided to give one a try. We went to her first Basketball game recently. I felt that same pride when she ran down the court with that pony tail flying behind her. I swear I had flashbacks remembering when I use to do that.  I’m sure we will be  attending many more games!

One thing I love is spending time with my family. After my dad died, I lost touch with his side. Whether it was because of time or hurt feelings or whatever it may have been, I can say that we have started to mend that relationship this year. I’ve connect with my cousins again thanks to Facebook. Kelsey I keep up with on Facebook and even though we haven’t gotten together yet I’m sure that is coming. This last few months though I’ve gotten together with my cousins Amanda and Kristi and reconnected in a way. I am thankful for that and this is something I also want to remember as a highlight! I want my first friends in life to become my last as well.

Last, definitely not least, is Christmas Celebration with the whole family! From the day we get together with just our kids, to the day we go to Grandma Jones and visit and Nannys and visit! Family is what it is all about! Not giving or receiving presents, but just loving and spending time with one another!  That will always be one of my favorite times of the year.

Looking back I see all my favorite memories involve my friends and family. Guess that’s what make them so great! I had alot of memories this year. I’m going to cherish them!

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