2012 To Do’s

What do I want to do in 2012? I plan my days ahead of time, sometimes I plan my weeks. This time, I’m planning my year! There is so much a girl wants to accomplish in her lifetime. What better way to make sure it gets done than make a list, huh?

1. Lets start #1 out by saying, writing this blog! Yes, I started a blog last year this time too but I dropped the ball. This year, I hope to keep it up. It will be full of randomness and useless info to most but it’ll help keep my creative juices flowing and that is what I’m going for. I know that Daily is probably pushing it since I tend to overfill my plate, (well not my dinner plate), but I want to at least update this weekly.  This blog will be full of rants and raves, updates on my life and family, likes and dislikes of things I try. Info about my hobbies, (books, exercises, photography). And probably a bunch of nothingness as well. So be prepared!  I may blow you away, and I may bore you to tears! Either way is fine with me. I’ve set a reminder to go off on my phone every Thursday evening asking if I’ve blogged yet this week!

2. Family time! It’s as simple as that. Make time for family. Sometimes we all get busy, kids included and don’t spend much time together. Life is too short to be slacking on this.  This year I want to not only spend time with my kids and husband often but extended family too. Mom, step dad, Nanny Papa, and maybe even reconnect with some family I’ve lost touch with.  My goal is once a month spend time with extended family on a weekend outside of a holiday. Regular family time applied as well weekly. Not just once a month.

3. Stay on top of my workouts. Yes, I made it all the way through 2011 working out the whole year. It helps when you have a schedule to follow. This year I have specific workouts I’d like to do. I am currentlly doing P90x2 (and lovin it) and I will follow that scheduled until March. April I will do 30 day Brazil Butt Lift. (Gotta get ready for boating season!) For my birthday I am asking for Les Mills Pump! I want to start that by June 1st.  Sometime this year I think I’d also like to try RevAbs and Maybe another round of P90x or P90x2.  I want to keep the fat off, bulk myself up, and FINALLY get me a set of 6 pack abs. Yes, I know, many of you have expressed that you think that looks gross on a woman. But I’m doing it for me. And my husband thinks its sexy! 😉

4. DRAG Racing! I want to take the car down the strip! Last year my brother planted the seed. This year, I’m gonna let it grow! I may not be a drag racer. I may end up leaving that to the men folk. But I will take the Dart down the track at least once! I want to feel the rush they keep talking about.  So as soon as the winter roads are clear and the cars are ready to go, I will have Bob teach me how to properly and effectively burn out, take off, shift, and all the things I need to know. It may be a one time thing for me, I don’t know. But I may like it! So watch out guys, here I come!

5.Stay up on my reading.  This year I will finish out the year with 115 books read.  This year I’m hoping to pick up more hobbies so I’m not going to go over that number for the next year. I’m going to stick with the same goal for this year. At least 100 books. This year my goal is to incorporate more Personal Development books into my reading. Last year I started but this year I need to make a real effort.  I enjoy reading fiction and I’m just not willing to give it up, however I will shoot for a goal of 25 Personal Dev. books. that’s about 2 a month.

6. Run the half marathon in the fall. yes, I just started running this last year. I can make it about 3 miles. I know that 13.5 miles is a lot longer. But this year, I’m going to do it! No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If I have to walk some, so be it. But I WILL register and show up, AND cross that finish line! So to get ready for that I will start by running the 3k and 5k’s and running in my free time. (snort, free time).

7. Pick up my Beachbody Business.  I really slacked on that this year focusing on my own improvements as opposed to helping others. This year I want to give it the effort it deserves and even start making some money at it. It has truly changed my life. I want it to change others lives too!

8. Pick up at least one photography job a month this year. Probably wont pick up till spring but I need to get back into it. Not just for the money because most people know I don’t make or charge much. But I need to keep my head in the game and not let my skills go unused.  Like the writing, get my creative juices flowing.

9. Take my kids camping at least once! We stay so busy that we haven’t done this in 2 years! I want to plan a weekend where we take the kids camping and leave all electronic devices (other than a camera) at home. I think it would not only do them good but me as well. I’m thinking Bob and I could take two days off work and we could make it a long weekend.  Just spend some good quality time together. Yea, that is exactly what we need!

10. Spend as much time as possible, in between all this other stuff, down at the lake and on our boat! Heck, after all this working out and eating healthy, I should get to show off the body right?!?!?!?!

Anyway, I know there are things I want to do that I’ve forgotten. I will most likely update this post as I think of them. These are just the top 10 things I could think of.  Now, lets see how many of these things I can check off my list before 2012 ends!

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