You’re too Skinny! (kinda a rant)

There is nothing worse than working your tail off to a size you are comfortable at and feel good at and then have someone tell you, “You’re too skinny!” or “You need to eat!”  Really? I mean, hell, did I just spend the last year of my life working out daily, eating healthy, and taking care of myself for THAT?!

Now, as I write this some of you may be sitting there asking yourselves if I’m talking about you. Maybe I am and you had a part in inspiring me to write this. But I’m not the only one I’m writing this for.  I have a few friends who went on this life changing journey with me this last year and I write this for them too.  Too many times have I had to reassure a friend they don’t look too skinny because someone wants to rain on their parade! That being said, my family has been wonderful at motivating me and keeping me going. Thanks to them for keeping me up even if others want to pull me down!

Some men and women grow up in the environment that “Skinny” is in.  There are mothers, fathers and grandmothers and family who constantly stay on young women who gain a few extra pounds.  These girls usually grow up with a complex about their weight and some even develop eating disorders because of it. These girls freak out if they gain a pound. It’s not about being fit or even healthy for them. It’s all about their waist size. This is not me!

Some people grow up around a family who consist of only over weight people. They eat fried food, fast food, and tons of food at every sitting. They believe “skinny” isn’t in their genes and never even try lose a pound. They are more than a little over weight and have children who are even more over weight and the cycle begins again.  This is also not me!

I come from a family of all sizes. Big, little, skinny, heavy, short, tall. This I believe is the typical American family. (Not that we are normal by any means).  I grew up as a skinny little scabbed kneed tomboy who was constantly active.  I loved to play Basketball, run around in the woods, and play from sun up to sun down. It’s not a wonder growing up I didn’t have any excess fat on my body. I stayed active constantly! We didn’t have the video games kids have now a days. When I was in my early teens I got a Nintendo. The original one. I was allowed to play it in the evenings only. We didn’t have internet. Our computer was a Commador 64 and the games consisted of a bunch of dots you shot with your curser.  So playing outside was the thing to do back then.

Fast forward many years. Age 18, Right out of high school I got pregnant and had many complications during my pregnancy. I was active right up until then. After  being on bed rest for quite some time, being sick, and having a baby, I stopped being so active and so did my metabolism.

That is when my weight problems began. I was 105 lbs when I got pregnant with my first son. and 132 when I delivered.  I never got below 132 lbs in the next 12 years.  My weight shot up to 160. To some that may not seem like alot but I am pushing the 5’1″ mark and held all my weight in my waist.

Over the years I remember trying many fad diets. The Hollywood diet where you only drank this liquid stuff for 2 days. Used diet pills that always gave me the shakes. Would exercise in spurts and then stop. Even thought maybe I needed to only eat once a day or very little. During that 12 years I realize none of that worked. They were just what they were. Fad Diets. They may drop a few lbs but you can’t live like that so the weight would always come back. My body couldn’t sustain on the nutrition they provided.

Around Thanksgiving in 2010 I decided enough was enough. No diet for me, I was making a lifestyle change. One year later, here I am. They healthiest and fittest I’ve been in my entire life. Including my skin and bones as a child.

See, I realized that no way could a 2 day diet or even a 30 day diet make the change for me I wanted. If I wanted to lose weight and stay healthy, I needed to make a permanent change and not just a temporary one. So many people would ask, “Are you on a diet?” I’d simply say, “No. It’s a lifestyle. Not a diet” And that thinking has gotten me through the year.

I spent at least an hour daily and sometimes more time on my workouts. I refused the sweets and fattening foods people offered. I passed up fast food for lunch in place for a salad and some tuna. I made the right decisions. I educated myself between healthy and not healthy. Studied nutrition and fitness. I put in so much sweat and tears in the last year to make the changes I made. And I am proud. I even lost friends on facebook because of my dedication to my workouts and fitness. Yes I talked about it because it motivated me. I see your post about you griping about your boyfriend or co workers. You can see mine about my positive change in my lifestyle!

Back to the subject at hand. I lost 25 lbs all together this time. But I went from wearing a size 14 pants to a size 2. And size XL shirt to a size S. Am I skinny, sure, but I’m not just skinny. I have muscle on my bones. I have incorporated a weight training program into my life. Im strong, I’m energized, I am as healthy as I’ve ever been. Yet, you just told me I’m too skinny?! And it’s not just overweight people who say it. It’s the “skinny” people who never had to work at it. They don’t say it because I am their size, or even because I may be getting close to their size. They say it because they aren’t use to seeing me healthy and fit and think maybe I’m doing it the “wrong” way.  maybe they say it because I have to work so hard at it and they don’t. But there are also those people who are overweight and like to tell me I’m too skinny.  Really? What do I say. No, you are just  too overweight? No, I would never say that. But if you know me, you know how hard I have worked this last year to get where I am. Don’t minimize that work and degrade me by telling me I look too skinny!

Don’t tell me I work out too much because you don’t. Don’t call me anorexic because I only eat one plate of food and a half portion of desert at dinner.  Do you think I would like to pig out every once and a while and skip the sweat and hard work. Sure, do I do every once and a while, sure. But if I did it every day, you wouldn’t tell me I was too skinny.  Because I wouldn’t be.

Tell me I look great! Tell me Congrats on that all my really hard work is paying off.  Tell me when my skin starts to hang off my bones that I am too skinny. But as long as I look like I do, with muscle tone and healthy skin, Don’t tell me I’m too skinny. It kinda gets on my nerves!



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